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Our Story

The most quotable figure in the history of the English language has something new to say. Wilde was a man who delighted in paradoxes. A good life combines risk and pleasure, exploits and accomplishment, passion and pursuit. If you could speak Gin, it would sound like poetry. If you could drink poetry, it would taste like Gin.

Our Gin is an exquisite blend of carefully selected ingredients that shine through in every sip. It's not for those who make our world great, but for those who make it interesting... Wilde Irish Gin is an unexpected act in an extraordinary legacy - irreverent, courageous, subversive and beautiful.

Oscar Wilde Spirits, Inc. was founded in 2021 by long-time friends and business partners Stuart Hall and Conor Quinn to create a premium Irish gin for the world market. Wilde Irish Gin is crafted and bottled in West Cork, Ireland with 100 percent pure Irish grain and mountain spring water. It is copper pot-distilled with notes of wild mountain purple heather and bitter orange peel and is non-chill filtered to retain its natural botanical essence.

"I have the simplest of tastes. I am always satisfied with the best." - Oscar Wilde


Why Wilde Irish Gin?

Our Gin is distilled in Ireland using select Irish ingredients. We distill by hand in small batches with two copper pot stills to ensure a level of quality that can only result from a master distiller's intuition.

Wilde Irish Gin is for the bold and engaging trend leaders that bypass the traditional and seek new personal discovery. The individual with a story to tell. The aesthetes, the aficionados and the auteurs. Wilde Irish Gin is diverse and inclusive.

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"I can resist everything except temptation"

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To  garnish  is  to  be  grande

Wilde's words were always saturated with his famous wit and satire. In the same fashion, Wilde cocktails should be bursting out of the glass with rich herbs and citrus aromas. Undeniably loud while perfectly vogue.

"I can resist everything except temptation." - Oscar Wilde


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"Success is a science; if you have the conditions, you get the results"


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